Harris Beach State Park

On a road trip to Oregon, we went up the coast looking for campgrounds to camp at for a night so we could continue on our trip the next morning. Shortly after entering Oregon, we found a campground close to a little town. It was called Harris Beach State Park. We drove in and were able to get a campsite for the night. It was getting dark, so we wanted to set up our tent quickly. Then, to add to that, it started to rain. I mean, dark and raining and you need to set up your tent. What could be better, right? Anyway, we set up our tent and drove into town for a quick dinner. I know, not traditional camp food, but we didn’t want cold cereal for dinner.

At night, Harris Beach Campground didn’t look like anything special. I’m sure six hours in the car and the rain didn’t help matters, so I don’t really count that night in on my review of the campground. However, in the morning the campsite is pretty beautiful. The sunlight shines through the trees and campground is really nice. The rangers that work there are also very nice and informative. One ranger that I particularly liked was called “the bear” because he ate a lot of blackberries. Conveniently next to our campsite was a nice, big blackberry bush. That came in a lot of use for picking the tasty berries. There are a lot of blackberry bushes throughout the campground, making it easy to gather some blackberries for a small snack. My sister and I found that the blackberries are good by themselves, in cereal, oatmeal, and mushed together and spread on Graham crackers. I’m sure that there are many other uses for the blackberries, so you can try out your own recipes when you get the chance.

The campground also has very beautiful scenery. There are a lot of cool plants (one whose yellow berries you can eat) and it’s very nice to walk through the campground in the early morning when you can listen to the birds and the wind in the leaves before people fully wake up. I really want to go to Harris Beach again and would recommend that if you’re ever in the area to check it out. That’s all for my info on Harris Beach, and if you’re ever in Oregon on the coast, make sure to include this campground in your possible camp locations!


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