Hiking in Will Rogers State Historic Park

To stretch our legs and take a short break from daily life, my mom, sister and I decided to go on a hike. We chose Will Rogers State Historic Park as our location of exploration mainly for the convenience of a short drive from home, but also because we like the hikes the park has to offer. Grabbing my camera, water, and some snacks, I left with my mom and sister to hit the trails.

A little background information. Located in the Pacific Palisades, the park, then a ranch, used to be owned by Will Rogers(hence the name “Will Rogers State Historic Park”) and his wife and children. He was a movie star, humorist, radio-show host and cowboy. After his death in 1935, the ranch became a state park. His house is still standing and open to guided tours. But enough with the history and on with the hiking…

Naturally, as soon as we entered Will Rogers, my sister asked to see the horses. (Apparently, some people love horses. What can I say?) We walked across the polo field, where a polo club meets on Sundays to play, and met up with the horses. They were all beautiful chestnut colored horses. My sister stared at them, petted them, and quickly got bored. On to hiking!

Since we were only doing a short hike, we started at Will Roger’s old house and began hiking up to a fireroad past his front yard and to the left. (On the large yard, families usually come to picnic and play with their kids)

The hike up the fireroad is pleasant, but be sure to pack the sunscreen; when the sun is out, you can heat up pretty fast. As you hike up the fireroad, there is a beautiful view of Los Angeles, the Palisades, the beach, and the ocean. On a clear day, one can usually see Catalina Island out in the Pacific Ocean.

After an hour or so of slow hiking, we reached Inspiration Point. By the way, have you ever noticed how many Inspiration Points there are? There must be a rule somewhere that states “thou shalt always have an Inspiration Point on a hike”. Anyway, from this Inspiration Point, you get a whole panoramic view of Los Angeles, laid out before you to take in. Looking around, there’s the city, the ocean, the mountains, and the beachfront, all for you to feast your eyes upon.

After we finished taking in the view and eating some snacks, we continued back down the fireroad. As we walked down, shafts of sunlight streamed through the treeson the side of the road and we saw more horses standing in a large enclosed area by the barn.

The hike we took in Will Rogers State Historic Park may not be that exciting, with deep ravines and dangerous cliffs, but it’s a nice hike to relax on and take in the view. Will Rogers is a nice location and I like to hike there on the weekend. I think that many people would enjoy the hikes the park has to offer.

Anyway, it’s back to the city after a relaxing hike spent in Will Rogers. If you’re ever in Los Angeles or the Palisades, I would recommend paying a visit here. It will be well worth your time. Good hiking!


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