Brunton 9020G Classic Compass

Everyone who ventures into the outdoors should have a compass with them. A compass is one of the ten essentials for a good reason. It is highly useful for orienting yourself and helping you stay on track and not get lost. Now, though, there are  GPS devices that are very useful for backpacking and hiking. However, if a GPS is not in your budget or you are trying to get rid of some weight in your backpack, then a compass would be the best option.

The compass I have is a Brunton 9020G Classic Compass and I have been using it for a few years now. It has worked very well for me and is very easy to use. On either side of the compass you’ll find inch and millimeter scales. Having these scales on my compass makes it very easy to accurately gauge distance on a trail map. At 3.5″x2.5″x0.5″ and 1.1 ounces, this compass is easy to fit anywhere, whether it’s in a pocket or backpack, and with the included lanyard, it can also be worn around your neck. Some other features of the Brunton 9020G Classic Compass include:

  • 2-degree graduations
  • a declination scale
  • a 0-35 degree inclination scale
  • declination scale
  • limited lifetime warranty

I have been very satisfied with this compass. It has not yet broken and doesn’t have any scratches that interfere with accurate usage. If you are not in the budget for a GPS or high-end compass, then the Brunton 9020G Classic Compass is right for you. And with a $10 price tag, how can you go wrong?


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