Sandboarding in Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

If you ever ask someone whether they’ve been sandboarding before, the answer will usually be along the lines of “Huh?” or “What are you talking about?”. I have experienced both of these responses before. However, I can now assure you that after reading this article, if you’re ever asked about sandboarding, you won’t have to display that face of puzzlement and wonderment that there is something called “sandboarding”.

When my family and I went on a road trip from southern California up into Oregon a few years back, I clearly remember one particular, extremely fun campground. This campground, as you may already have guessed, lies in Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. The campsite itself was beautiful, but what really caught my eye was the sandboarding shop we spotted on the side of the road on the way back to the campground. Located at 5351 Coast Highway 101, on the north end of the city of Florence, the store has clothes, sandboarding gear, and sandboards. We took a look around and my sister and I asked our mom if we could rent one. She agreed, on the condition that we take turns on one board. Off to the dunes!

We parked in a parking lot at the base of the dunes and walked over to them brimming with excitement. Before we trekked up the dunes we sat down and waxed the bottom of the board. This is important because the wax lets the wooden board slide smoothly over the sand. Then we went up a small hill and took turns getting the hang of it. There’s nothing fancy to learning to sandboard. Just go down again and again until you don’t fall over. Anyway, after getting the hang of sandboarding down the hill, we moved on to the jump that some others had made earlier. It was a pretty small jump, but was exciting nonetheless. We went down over and over, trying to get more air and having fun. Then my sister jammed her toe and went to sit down for a while. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I decided to try my new skills on the bigger sand dune.

I had watched people come speeding down the big dune, going over jumps and dips, and decided I wanted to do that. I walked up the dune to the point where other kids were waiting their turns. Too soon it was my turn. What was I thinking?!? That dune was a lot bigger from my vantage point on the top! I couldn’t do that! I was holding up the line, though, so I decided to just go down. I jumped forward a bit and started to pick up speed heading down the mountain. I went over some jumps and into some dips. Finally I got to the bottom. It was exhilarating! I went down again and again until my sister wanted to go again.

Sandboarding in Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park was a great highlight of our road trip and I will always remember it. I’ve never been snowboarding before, but I imagine sandboarding is just like snowboarding, except in the sand, of course. If you ever have an opportunity to go sandboarding, I would recommend giving it a go. Who knows? You may find a new sport for yourself. And it’s relatively cheap! For a 24-hour period, it would cost you about $10-25 to rent a board at Sand Master Park. Just remember, you don’t have to go to Oregon to try sandboarding. For more sandboarding locations, a great site to check out would be 

Have fun!


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