The Russian River

This past weekend my family and I took a road trip up into northern California to go camping by the Russian River at Schoolhouse Canyon Campground. We had heard from some friends that the Russian River was beautiful and had a lot of fun activities. We had been thinking about going up north to go camping and chose Schoolhouse Canyon Campground for the easy access to

the Russian River (on which we planned to have a lot of fun).

The first time we went to the Russian River with the intent of actually getting in the water and not just admiring the view, we drove into Guerneville to go to Johnson’s Beach. (In case you’re worried about parking issues, Johnson’s Beach has its own parking lot and you could also park in the surrounding neighborhood, should the lot be full.) My family and I looked around the beach and we found out that the beach provides canoes, single and double kayaks, inner tubes, and pedal boats for rent, along with beach chairs and umbrellas, for those looking to hang out on the beach in complete comfort. There is also food for sale on the beach like hot dogs and burgers. After taking this in, we ran into the water (it’s pretty warm in the summer) and had some river fun. (Slight warning: the beach can become pretty crowded, especially on days like the fourth of July, and for those looking for a quieter environment I would recommend finding another spot on the River. Schoolhouse Canyon Campground has a beach area on the other side of the road for campers which is very nice.)

For our next couple of days, we rented inner tubes at the campground and took them to

the part of river available to campers. The water near the beach area is very shallow onlygets to five feet at about thirty feet out. This is a perfect place for toddlers and young kids to play in the water. We spent a lot of time in inner tubes floating on the water and paddling around. We also saw a lot of canoes go by. (I know that canoes can be rented from Burke’s Canoe Trips)

In conclusion, the Russian River has a lot of activities that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a fun experience (or a nice swim) and can provide days of enjoyment. I particularly enjoyed the inner tubing as a fun way of relaxing. I hope that anybody going to the Russian River has as much fun as I did. Oh, and don’t forget to put on enough sunscreen. Those sunburns can hurt.


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