Schoolhouse Canyon Campground

Schoolhouse Canyon Campground is one of my favorite campsites. Located 2.5 miles east of Guerneville on the north side of River Road and 12 miles west of the 101, Schoolhouse is owned and managed by two married rangers, Chris and Corina. Together they keep up the campground and maintain its beauty and air of relaxation. When we first got to the campground Chris welcomed us warmly and helped us over the next few days of our stay by providing information and advice on things to do and places to go and by making sure our stay at Schoolhouse was excellent.

One thing that will probably pop out at you during your stay at the campground is its cleanliness and organization. The campsites were clean of trash and the bathrooms (which are the best bathrooms I have ever used at a camp) were remarkably clean. The campground also provides firewood at a reasonable price and inner tubes to rent for five to six dollars a day, depending on the size. (If you don’t have your own inner tube, then I would highly recommend renting one for use on the Russian river, which is very close by.)

My favorite thing about Schoolhouse, though, is that the Russian river is right on your doorstep. If you walk across the street and down a short road/trail through the older, unused part of the campground, you’ll come out on a small beach on the Russian river. (I put this to good use with my mom and sister during our stay at Schoolhouse.) However, if you would rather go somewhere else, then you have nothing to worry about. Within 3 miles of the campground, there is an abundance of activities to choose from. There are the Korbel Champagne Cellars, Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, the Armstrong Redwoods (which have a lot of hiking trails), Westside Road Wineries, Burke’s Canoe Trips, Pee Wee Golf, Rio Nido Roadhouse and Public Swimming Pool, and a ton of local bike tours. In short, Schoolhouse Canyon is a great place to camp while still having easy access to a ton of activities.

Overall, Schoolhouse Canyon Campground is a great campground no matter how you look at it. It has the Russian River right across the road, the campground itself is clean and organized, and there are a bunch of available activities within a few miles of the campground. I can’t wait to go back to Schoolhouse Canyon and the Russian River. My stay there was relaxing and fun and I hope that other campers who camp there feel the same way.

Here’s a link to the Schoolhouse Canyon Campground website:

The campground address is: 12600 River Rd. Guerneville, CA 95446

The campground telephone number is: (707) 869-2311


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