Lowepro Geneva 10 Camera Case

You’re hiking on a rocky trail, taking beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna with a friend. When you break for lunch, your friend zips his camera into a case as you balance your camera on a rock. As you make your lunch, you notice a big spider close to your hand. You jerk your hand away, in the process knocking your camera from the rock and onto the ground, badly scraping the display. To bad you didn’t have a camera case.

A lot of people like taking pictures on their outdoor adventures. I love to take pictures on my trips and expeditions! To take pictures, however, you need a camera. And what do you need for your camera? A camera case, of course, and I think that the Lowepro Geneva 10 Camera Case may just be the best choice for your digital camera.

The Lowepro Geneva 10 Camera Case is a great camera case for two important reasons: it’s durable and it’s cheap. The polyester and nylon exterior is very durable and the case also has great padding to protect your digital camera from damage due to bumps and drops. There are two zippers on the Geneva 10 Camera Case and they both work very smoothly and don’t get stuck at the corners of the case. A great feature of the case on the inside is a small pocket that you can use to keep an extra sd card close to your camera. This pocket is slightly padded so that your sd card will not scratch the display on your camera. The case is also very cheap. For example, Best Buy carries the case for $12.99. However, I would recommend looking around before you buy in case you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Of course, as with all cases, the Geneva 10 Camera Case is only suitable for certain size cameras. Cameras that can fit in the Geneva 10 camera case include: Canon PowerShot Cameras, Nikon Coolpix Cameras, Samsung TL-Series and SL-Series Cameras, Sony Cybershot Cameras, and Kodak EasyShare Cameras. Other cameras may fit in the case if they are the same size as the cameras already listed.

My Geneva 10 Camera Case has protected my camera on many camping and hiking trips and doesn’t even look beat up. If you end up buying this camera case, I can guarantee that it will protect your camera well!


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