Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park

This campground is very good. Located in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Caspers Wilderness Park has 3 campgrounds with multiple sites (one of these is an equestrian campground) and 2 group campgrounds. There are also quite a lot of trails. When I was camping in East Ridge Trail SignCaspers Wilderness, I stayed with friends on a group site called San Juan Meadow Group Area and hiked the nature loop and the East Ridge Trail.

The East Ridge Trail hike was very beautiful and the panoramic view was amazing. We could see for miles around. The Nature Loop wasn’t as fascinating for me, although the hike itself was pretty good. The plant life seemed dried up and wasn’t that beautiful. However, this is most likely due to the fact that we hiked here in the winter in November and not in the spring or summer. The last time we camped at Caspers Wilderness was in January of the past year.

East Ridge Trail

East Ridge Trail

We hiked into San Juan Meadow Group Area from the Nature Loop and set out to stake our claims on good tenting areas (although all of the camping areas in this group site are relatively flat). At first I was quite surprised at the lack of plant life in the large open field in the center of the group area. The last time I had been to Caspers Wilderness the field was covered in a thick blanket of grass. Again, I attribute this to the time of year. (Winter is never the best time to see a lot of green plant life) Anyway, we set up our tents and then proceeded to explore the area and do some fun activities!

Caspers Wilderness Campground has some good amenities and is an ideal place for camping with children. The amenities of the campground include: a dump station, Tentsbathrooms, picnic tables, fire rings, trash bins, drinkable water, BBQ grills, showers, an amphitheater, a visitors center, and a playground. Firewood is also available. The playground would be a very good play option for children and is fairly big for a campground. The abundance of open space on the big field (or meadow) in the San Juan Meadow Group Area is great for a ton of activities, including frisbee, soccer, football, baseball, or anything else you could think of. We played ultimate frisbee the day after we got there.

That night we had a campfire (admittedly a bit large) and eventually went to bed when it

Frost on a Pot

Frost on a Pot

got too cold to do anything else. The night got even colder and it might have dipped below freezing. (When I woke up it was 35 degrees Fahrenheit). The pots we left out to dry he night before were covered in frost! (Word to the wise here: don’t leave pots or pans out overnight to dry; they could get dirty or wet again with morning dew or frost.)

Caspers Wilderness Park is a great camp for large groups or families with children. I was Giant Campfirevery satisfied with all of the amenities that I used and didn’t have any problems during my stay. My only recommendation for camping at Caspers Wilderness Park is to bring a frisbee or soccer ball or something. If camping in San Juan Meadow, you’ll have a lot more fun this way! Happy camping!

The campground address is: 33401 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

The campground telephone number is: (949) 923-2210


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