Natural Hot Springs

Hot springs, no matter how you look at them, are pretty cool. They can reach temperatures that are higher than that of boiling water and can still sustain some microbial life. They can even have vibrant colors, like some of the ones in Yellow Stone. So yeah, hot springs are pretty interesting. I’ve seen the hot springs in Yellow Stone National Park, which were amazing. However, the coolest hot springs I saw outside of a national park were on the Colorado River.

It was in the summer. We were doing a three day long canoeing trip down the Colorado River (we had put in right below the Hoover Dam). On the first day, after traveling about 14 miles, we stopped on a gravelly beach. We carried the canoes up further onto the beach so that if the water rose higher the canoes wouldn’t be carried away.

Then we hiked up through the twisting walls of the canyon. A small stream of water ran through the center of the canyon. It was pretty warm. We then got to a 20 foot waterfall. Luckily, a ladder was in place so we climbed up the 20 foot rock face and emerged on a relatively large, flat area with two medium sized hot springs. We promptly sat down in them. You see, the hot springs weren’t that hot and didn’t have any deadly bacteria in them (at least, we didn’t think they did). The hot springs felt like jacuzzis and were immensely relaxing. I have to say that that might have been the coolest part of the trip. I mean, sure you can go see hot springs, but how many times do you actually have the chance to sit in one? It’s not like you can go to Yellow Stone and sit in one. That wouldn’t exactly be a joyful experience. (If you’ve ever sat in a hot spring, where was it?)

I have to say, I never saw myself sitting in a hot spring (every time I thought of hot springs I thought of the Yellow Stone ones, and those are sort of deadly, you know?), but hey, life has some pretty cool surprises!


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