REI Day Pack First-Aid Kit

Having a first-aid kit with you when hiking, backpacking, or camping is very important.REI Day Pack First-Aid Kit That’s why it’s one of the 10 essentials. Having immediate access to first-aid materials, even simple materials, could mean the difference between life and death, or at least the difference between a quick recovery and a slow, painful one.

The first-aid kit that I always take into the outdoors with me among my other essentials is the REI Day Pack First-Aid Kit. Part of the reason I really like this kit is because of its small and packable size and weight. I can easily pack it into my daypack for hiking or the outside pocket of my backpack.

This first-aid kit is only meant for two people for one day. This means that it would mainly be used for smaller cuts and scratches, and that there aren’t a ton of bandages in it. However, the kit does contain enough useful items. Here’s what the first-aid kit contains:

-two 3 x 0.75 in. adhesive bandages
-three 3 x 1 in. adhesive bandages
-2 knuckle adhesive bandagesContents of REI Day Pack First-Aid Kit
-2 fingertip bandages
-2 butterfly closures
-two 2 x 2 in. gauze pads
-one 3 x 3 in. gauze pad
-one 4 x 3 in. piece of moleskin

Wound Preparation and Tablets
-3 antibacterial wipes
-2 triple-antibiotic ointment packets
-2 sting relief wipes
-2 Nutralox® mint antacid tablets
-2 Proprinal® ibuprofen 200mg tablets
-2 Cetafen® acetaminophen 325mg tablets
-1 Histaprin® diphenhydramine 25mg tablet

-one 2.5 yd. x 0.5 in. roll of tape
-a pair of bandage scissors
-a Splinter Out™ splinter remover tool
-“The Wilderness First Aid Manual” by Dr. William Forgey

Side View of REI Day Pack First-Aid KItI have used this first-aid kit a few times over the past few years for minor injuries, but I still have many items left to use. This is a great small first-aid pack for short trips, and even if there’s one item missing that you feel like you need, you can always add that in to this pack. If you’re looking for a small first-aid kit, then this might be the one for you!


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