Thoughts on Crocs

When I first got my crocs a few years ago, I wasn’t to keen on them. When compared to my sneakers and hiking shoes, they just seemed so weird. However, since then I have been a lot happier with my crocs, mainly due to their wide range of uses and how comfortable they can be.

Crocs are great for casual water sports. I’ve used them when I went small boat sailing last summer, and they worked very well then. I have also used them in the past when I’ve gone kayaking and canoeing. They have been especially useful in canoeing. Aside from being great to wear in the water when pushing the canoe off of the beach, crocs are very useful when used as pads to kneel on when canoeing solo or as the man in the stern (back) of the canoe. (They’ve saved my knees multiple times!) Furthermore, crocs have been great when I’ve used them as water shoes while inner tubing or crossing rivers on hikes and backpacking trips. The only problem I’ve ever had with them occurred when the piece that holds on the heel strap popped off and I couldn’t find it. Because crocs are completely rubber, if put under stress this part could come off. However, you can easily get a replacement piece for a few cents.

Crocs certainly have their limitations, however, for the things you can use them for, they work pretty darn well!


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