SealLine Black Canyon Dry Bag Review

On my Colorado River canoeing trip a couple of years ago, I needed to keep my clothes, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag dry. I didn’t have any dry bags at the time, so I went to REI to get some and ended up with the Sea to Summit UltraSil Dry Sack, Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack, and the SealLine Black Canyon Dry Bag. Out of all three, I used the SealLine Black Canyon Dry Bag the most and it held the majority of my gear.

SealLine Black Canyon Dry Bag OpenI used the 30 liter version of the dry bag, and it easily held all of my clothing and my Therm-a-Rest. The nylon material that the SeaLine dry bag is made of is incredibly durable. This is because it’s coated with thermoplastic urethane, which is an eco-friendlier alternative to PVC coating and is resistant to abrasion. The top of the bag has two parallel rubber strips, called double-sealing strips, that when rolled down create a water-tight seal. This is officially called a “Dry Seal roll-top Closure”. Lastly, the buckle on the bag is very secure and isn’t hard to unclip. The D-ring attached to the buckle allows you to secure the bag to your kayak or canoe.

This dry bag is pretty heavy, a tradeoff for its great durability. This bag would be best used for paddling, say, on a canoeing or kayaking trip. In my opinion, it’s way to heavy to use for backpacking. If you need a dry bag to take on a backpacking trip to protect your gear, I’d recommend checking out a lighter dry bag, such as the Sea to Summit UltraSil Dry Bag.

At REI, the 30 Liter version is $39.95. However, if you need a smaller or larger size, the bag also comes in 5L ($23.95), 10L ($26.95), 20L ($32.95), 40L ($49.95), and 55L ($57.95).


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