Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack Review

I’ve had the Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack in the “small” (4 liter) size for a few years now and have used it quite a bit. I got the most use out of it on my canoeing trip a couple of years ago on the Colorado River. The small size is perfect for storing small items such as a camera, a compass, Chapstick, sunglasses, or small snacks.

Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry SackThe dry sack is made of coated nylon, which is both lightweight and durable. Inside the bag is a white lining which makes finding items inside the bag easier. I like this design and find it a mild improvement over bags with dark interiors. The dry sack also has a durable buckle that is very secure when clicked shut. A D-ring attached to the buckle allows you to clip it to your kayak or pack so it doesn’t get tossed overboard in rough water.

On my trip I accidentally knocked it into the water when reaching for my paddle, and Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack 2although it was submerged and then floated in the water for a bit before I retrieved it, my gear inside remained completely dry. If you’re looking for a good dry sack to hold small electronics such as phones or cameras on either an extended water trip or a weekend of kayaking, take a look at this bag. At $13.95 at REI, it’s a great bag for it’s price!


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